Anaerobic filters ‘biofan’

Compact μοναδες Sc

Compact wastewater treatment plants ‘Sc’

compact units sc

Wastewater treatment plants ‘b-Sc’

Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Plant enhancements and upgrades

Automatic gravity sand filters sf

Anti-odor filters

Infiltration tunnels

Biorotors (RBC)

With its 25 years of experience, Sanico Company, with the continuous monitoring and updating of new technologies (seminars and exhibitions), in collaboration with specialized companies, with advanced criteria and with its own technology, designs and manufactures sewage and wastewater treatment systems.

  • Adhering biomass (aerobic, anaerobic systems)
  • ‘Beds on the move’ (mbbr)
  • ‘Biological discs’ (rbc)
  • ‘Membranes’ (mbr)
  • Anaerobic biological filters
  • Self-cleaning gravity filters
  • Underground disposal systems
  • Decontamination systems