Compact μοναδες Sc

Compact wastewater treatment plants ‘Sc’

The sewage treatment plant consists of two stages, pretreatment and biological treatment. The pre-treatment tanks (Skimming tank – equalization tank – sludge digestion) are made of reinforced concrete and are placed underground. The biologic treatment unit Sc is made of stainless steel and is placed above ground. The method of biological treatment is attached-biomass and in particular the ‘moving bed biofilm’ technology (mbbr). The unit consists of a compact single structure. The electromechanical equipment as well as the electrical panel are integrated in the unit. The unit operation is automatic and is controlled by an appropriate automation panel.


  • High removal rates (> 95%).
  • Flexibility in hydraulic and organic load changes.
  • The life of the biofilm carrier is more than 20 years.
  • Limited plant space.
  • Odorless operation.
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • No qualified personnel are required to operate the facility.
  • Flexible design that allows for increased capacity


The biological treatment unit Sc is applied to:

  • Urban wastewater (hotels, restaurants, stations, settlements, etc.)
  • Industrial waste (breweries – dairies, wineries, catering, slaughterhouses, etc.)

Comparison table

UnitMBBR plantActivated sludge plant
Organic loadingEqualEqual
Reactor volumeSmallerHigher
Biomass growthAttachedSuspended
Oxi-retention timeT = 2T = 6
Suspended solids in mixed liquor150 mg/l2.500 mg/l
Sedimentation tankSmallerHigher
Installation costSameSame
Power consumptionSmallerHigher