Biorotors (RBC)

Rotating biological contactor is a method of biological treatment of wastewater alternative to known methods such as activated sludge and trickling filters.

The biorotors method is a method of wastewater treatment which operates with the following principle:

The active biomass adheres to a suitable rotating support (disk) on the surface of which the biological film developed exerts a biological filtration process on the liquid waste it comes into contact with.

The process that takes place is mainly aerobic. The biomass formed on the disks is detached continuously and directed to the secondary sediment tank where it is collected as sludge.


  • Flexibility in hydraulic and organic load changes.
  • Limited plant space.
  • Odorless operation.
  • Soundless operation.
  • Minimum energy consumption.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • No qualified personnel are required to operate the facility.
  • Flexible design that allows for increased capacity.


Biological treatment of sewage and wastewater.